Massimo Orsi 1962 lives and works between Alessandria and Rome. An artist attentive to the world around him, he has always focused his attention on the problems of contemporary society. He moves with ease through the various artistic media, however electing painting as a means of expression par excellence. His work is always dictated by a political need, where making art means taking a clear position in the society in which we live. His analysis of the contemporary is attentive to the means of mass communication and extrapolates, from the river of everyday images, the primary symbol of consumerism: the logo. The logo is derived from the composition of the initials OK, the expressive symbol of our company, repeated and overturned on the four sides of a square. The logo multiplies, explodes, varies and changes into something else. It does not try to sell a specific commodity product, it does not become a brand, but, as an intellectual product, it questions the truthfulness of its message

Art Coefficient: 1.271