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A little chaotic, romantic, sometimes irascible, quite nice.Passionate about drawing since childhood.<br />
In 1998 the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome began in the first chair of painting of prof. Nunzio Solendo and degree of 110/110.<br />
I took courses in illustration, in ceramic sculpture …<br />
I paint, I prefer watercolors, but I also use other things, I give shape to mine ("colorful poems, expressions of tonal beauty" - these are the words of Rossella Canuti, art historian).<br />
I want my art to be colorful, to speak of beauty, sometimes not reflecting the surrounding world.<br />
I create to express myself and to be part of those people who, even if at a minimum, create a small universe of art.<br />
I also create painted or printed T-shirts, I carry out art courses and laboratories for children and adults.
I recently fulfilled my little dream (having a studio) and I am part of Studio B5, in via Agostino Bertani, 5 -Trastevere- Rome together with other artists and art...

Art Coefficient: 1.086