Hi, here is Laura, let me introduce myself. I'm European, maybe it sounds strange in this time, but I really love my country that is Europe. I like travel across it, not like a tourist, I like know people and I have good friends around. I'm interested in social issues, once I studied Sociology, without ended. Later on I studied at the Accademy of Fine Arts in Rome, where I use to live and work. I also love animals, I don't eat them and I take care of them, living with cats and dog, my sweet babies.<br />
The decision to study at the Accademy is because I've always been attracted to Art, to see and to do it. So I studied Painting and later Art Therapy. And because I'm agree with long life learning, I'm still studying Decoration and Mosaic.<br />
I have participated in group exhibitions as a painter and as a photographer, in Europe and in New York.
Performance, video art and sculpture are other languages I use to express my thoughts, experimenting with different techniques and materia...

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