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Judith Christine Riemer is an artist based in Germany, whose paintings have been exhibited nationally, as well as in Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates.

Judith C. RiemerĀ“s artistic approach is giving visibility to the hidden, which is deeply concealed in the obvious. Through her works, she endeavours to bring unconscious stories and subliminal structures to light.
Riemer fuses the representational with the abstract, and blends dreams with reality. Her distinctive compositions are created with acrylics, oils, and charcoal on canvas.
In addition to her exhibition activities and international collaborations with galleries and artist networks, the artist is also volunteering for art and culture in her home town of Nordstemmen.
Also, since 2018, she is a member of GEDOK e.V., which is the oldest european society of female artists and art supporters. Works by the artist are in private collections, Germany.

Art Coefficient: 1.3