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Visual artist, performer, author and interpreter of photographs, art installations, video dance works, multimedia projects and live performances. The photographic self-portraits are the result of a research that began in an artistic residence in Bali, in 2018, where she took thousands of shots portraying her body in motion immersed in the surrounding environment. She integrates martial arts, meditation, Feldenkrais with a holistic approach, in the search for psychophysical well-being through pleasure, fun, ritual, lightness, the expression of vitality and ancestral wild origin . Trained in Germany at the Folkwang University her teachers were the historical dancers of the Pina Bausch company. Butoh dance gave her the opportunity to delve into invisible worlds by combining performance and visual art. Through the photographic self-portraits she tries to capture inexpressible aspects, portraying a form of movement that does not disregard the technique but tries to go beyond the codes.

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