Brandstifter is an conceptual interdisciplinary artist, writer and musician.
With happening, visual and perfomance art, as well as sound, lyrics and interventions in public space, Brandstifter uses communicative means of social interaction to transform anarchic concepts from everyday life into burning-down-the-house intermedia. <br />
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His most famous project Asphaltbibliotheque takes him all around the globe since 1998. Various awards, stipends, residencies, exhibitions and performance in Berlin, Graz, Paris, Vienna, Rajasthan, Chicago and New York where he lived 6 month as artist in residency by Schloß Balmoral.<br />
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He deals with collage, visual poetry, photocopy art, curates art shows and music at Walpodenakademie Mainz. His book art was purchased by the Library of the Museum of Modern Art New York, the Sackner Archive for Concrete and Visual Poetry Miami as well as Weserburg, Archive for artists’ publications Bremen and on sale by PRINTED MATTER New York.

Art Coefficient: 0.5