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Turi Sottile, 1934 was born in Acireale, Italy. lives and works in Rome.
He approached painting at the age of 9, through Giuseppe Bellavasta, an impressionist painter.
Initially Sottile attended classical studies, he devoted himself exclusively to painting from the 1950s, participating in group exhibitions and presenting his first solo exhibition in Messina. He approached conceptual art, elaborating what Vincenzo De Maria called "emotional art".
Since 1967 he has promoted and directed the International Art Review of Acireale for eighteen years. He travels to: Africa, South America, Asia, Australia, USA and Russia, where he learnt how to work icons.
In Rome he creates "captured images", defined by Italo Mussa as “extrapolations from Pittura Colta“, anticipating the birth of the movement.
Currently, his production revolves around abstract expressionism, with particular attention to the sign and a strongly emotional use of color.

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