Frankfurt am Main

I was born in 1969 and have lived and worked in Frankfurt am Main since 1993. I am self-taught and have been doing printmaking, woodcuts and etchings since 2010. The works show excerpts of "angel fragments" from a series with 31 woodcuts about "Angelus Novus" by Paul Klee and the theses about the story of Walter Benjamin, the "angel of history".
My woodcuts show portraits, cityscapes, homages, abstracts and state prints. I have a passion for printing and working on the printing press. Much is black and white, but also multi-color prints, mostly using the "lost form" technique, can be seen on my website. I am constantly working on refining my techniques. I have been involved in a number of individual and group exhibitions since 2010 and am active in the Frankfurt art and culture scene.

Art Coefficient: 0.7