Cheikh Zidor's plastic experience is marked by a maturity and depth that transcend the author's young life course. For anyone who has never met Cheikh Zidor, the first contact with his work suggests a designer at a relatively advanced age who would have matured his thinking at length.
In addition, the critical texts on his work often evoke questions of memory, spirituality, historical nostalgia, and the imagination of an artist who is strongly imbued with the passage of time.
However, when we meet Cheikh Zidor, the artist was born in 1976, we discover a young creator, peaceful, serene and detached from the din and noise of his time. He's not in a rush or creative rush. He leads a carefully considered plastic prospecting. Moreover, his works do not incorporate the themes fashionable by the majority of artists of his generation. Probably, the surname Cheikh, associated with wisdom in our socio-cultural environment, can also induce a predisposition for taking a distance and hindsight.

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