Alida, born in November 8th 1987, is a roman architect graduated with Archistar Paolo Portoghesi.
Her architectural studies influenced her vision of her surroundings in terms of shapes, atmosphere and emotions. Photography allowed her to express her inner feelings for beauty and melancholy. She also did theatre and scenography that allowed her to face reality in an artistic and unexpected way.
She also worked in the production of important national/international events in which she always included an original and creative angle that was recognized by all her employers and companies.
She lives in Rome where she nurtures many artistic/cultural interests thanks to her curious personality (Photography, Music, Cinema, painting, theatre, books, exhibitions etc…) and likes to travel, to gathers more inspiration.
Her creative artwork is called “Ad Libitum” : “it is like a melody at free pace; the combination of photography and pop colours leads to a symphony of pleasure. We ar...

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